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Private Jet Charter to Ontario



Private jet charter and flights to Ontario

Ontario’s nickname – ‘The Heartland Province’ – is apt: it’s Canada’s political, cultural, entertainment and business heart. It’s also the country’s most populated region – a third of Canada’s residents live within its borders – and home to one of the most multicultural cities in the world. To the south lie four out of five of North America’s Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River which mark the international border with the United States, while to the north is the vast Hudson Bay. Experience it all, charter a private jet today.

If Ontario is the heart of Canada, Southern Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, which hugs the western shores of Lake Ontario from Niagara Falls round to the city of Oshawa, is the heart of Ontario. This is where most of the province’s population live and, historically, it’s the most prosperous area in the country. Ever-growing Toronto, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, is the Golden Horseshoe’s biggest attraction. Canada’s largest city is also one of the world’s most ethnically diverse; over 180 languages and dialects are spoken within the city limits. This cosmopolitan city is also home to seemingly countless museums, entertainment venues and restaurants as well as eclectic districts and the CN Tower, once the tallest free-standing building on Earth.

Follow the lakeshore west and you’ll reach the Niagara Peninsula, an isthmus that separates Lakes Erie and Lake Ontario. The Niagara River marks the eastern edge of the region and is the site of the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’: Niagara Falls. Every second, over 3100 tonnes of water thunders over the crest of the three falls – American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe – creating an incredible spectacle enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. Aside from the falls, the Niagara Peninsula is known for its vineyards, including Inniskillin where Ontario’s world-famous ice wine is produced. Spend a few nights in the charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the perfect base for a visit to the nearby falls and a tour of the local tasting rooms.

To the north east of the Golden Horseshoe, between the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, is Eastern Ontario. Before it was chosen as the country’s premier city by Queen Victoria, Ottawa was a relatively inconspicuous lumber town on the bank of the river of the same name. Today, this bilingual city is the site of the country’s parliament as well as many other national institutions and museums and the UNESCO-listed Rideau Canal. Built to provide a secure link between the cities of Kingston and Montreal, the canal is a central point in the city and a playground for locals throughout the year; if you’re visiting during the winter don’t miss the chance to skate on the canal, which becomes the world’s largest natural ice rink. To the south of Ottawa is Kingston, the province’s oldest city and gateway to the beautiful Thousand Islands, an archipelago of over 1800 islands and islets located where the St Lawrence River flows out of Lake Ontario.

The region of Central Ontario – despite its name – is geographically located in the southern reaches of the province. It covers the area to the north of Greater Toronto including the shore of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay. Highlights here include The Muskokas, a network of forest-lined freshwater lakes overlooked by grand ‘cottages’ owned by wealthy city dwellers, and the vast Algonquin Provincial Park. This protected natural landscape is made up of over 2400 lakes, miles of rivers and waterways and both deciduous and coniferous forests which play host to wildlife such as black bears, Eastern wolves and moose. Over on the shores of Georgian Bay, you’ll find another aquatic playground lined by a ruggedly beautiful shoreline, 32 historic lighthouses and the tens of thousands of islands which make up the Georgian Bay Islands National Park.

North of Central Ontario, everything gets a little more wild and remote. Northern Ontario, which consists of just under 90% of the entire land area of the province, is covered by dense forest and the barren, rocky plateau of the Canadian Shield. There are just nine cities – including the main settlements of Thunder Bay and Sudbury – and 50 or so towns throughout the region’s 310,000 square miles.

Ontario is served by the international airports of Toronto Pearson, Ottawa, London and Thunder Bay, as well as regional airfields. We have offices worldwide, so contact one of our team and we can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet Ontario

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