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26 April 2016
Glenn Phillips

Recently Air Charter Service received an unusual request, to move 200 designer dresses to France in time for Paris Fashion Week.

With the illustrious event about to start, a major design label needed to fly 200 designer dresses from Milan to the French capital. Justin Bowman, ACS’s Group CEO, commented: “It quickly became apparent that the high-value garments were too delicate to be transported in a cargo aircraft. So the request was handed over to our passenger division, in order to find an aircraft in which the garments could be hung up in the cabin.

“However, at this point the requirement changed, as the customer added 72 pairs of shoes, 40 pairs of trousers, over 200 more dresses and 11 accompanying passengers. As time was of the essence, the ACS team were up until 2 o’clock in the morning making all the arrangements – booking four aircraft, both cargo and passenger, from Pisa and Milan to fly into Paris in time for the show.”

Bowman cites another couple of recent, interesting fashion-related examples: “A few months ago our Hong Kong office used our on board courier service to get one designer top from a store in China to London overnight for a photoshoot and recently we also had a plane load of sports shoes that we chartered into Mexico.”

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