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Which destination is perfect for you?

Whatever the purpose of your private jet rental, there is a destination somewhere that will provide the luxuries best suited for your travel personality.

According to the 2015 ABTA Travel Trends report, holidaymakers are becoming more refined when planning time away from home, with an emphasis on value and new experiences. Whatever the purpose of your private jet rental, there is a destination somewhere that will provide the luxuries best suited for your travel personality. Air Charter Service rounded up six destinations that may be a perfect fit for your itinerary.

The Wellness Traveller – Croatia

Whether it's to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life or enhance your health and fitness regime, the wellness traveller is always on the lookout for exquisite sanctuaries. You will likely pursue the bliss of hot springs, spas and meditational activities set in environments with a spectacular natural beauty.

Croatia leads the way when it comes to destinations dedicated to rejuvenating both body and soul. A variety of retreats are scattered across the country but it’s the backdrop of glorious beaches and rolling green hills that makes it the ultimate haven for wellness pursuers. Enjoy healing treatments at the Le Meridien Lav Split right next to the ocean, or meditate against a magnificent sunset at the SUP Yoga Retreat, where the possibilities are infinite. You'll also be able to find a host of traditional Croatian activities to fill up your wellness schedule before retiring to your hotel suite.

Which destination is perfect for you - Croatia
Which destination is perfect for you - Croatia

The party seeker – Mykonos, Greece

Courtesy of Daniel Milner at Party Earth

For luxury travelers, one of our latest recommendations is Mykonos, Greece. The island has seen a substantial increase in luxury hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, and nightlife over the last few years and continues to grow. Mykonos has three major areas of entertainment – beach clubs, restaurants, and nightlife.

Nammos is where the elite park their yachts and spray Champagne on each other, but we also recommend Scorpios, Rakkan, and Panormos. All offer comfortable day beds, excellent food, delicious cocktails, beautiful people, and chill music to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Most of these places crank up the music and turn into a party as the sun sets.

Some of our favorite restaurants include Ling Ling (owned by the Hakkasan group), Interni, Remezzo, and Kalita. Here you'll find excellent food, beautiful people, and everyone in good spirits.

For some nightlife opulence, Astra, Bonbonierre, Moni Club, and Toy Room all cater to a higher end clientele. Your taste in music may determine where you end up but all are fantastic.

Which destination is perfect for you - Mykonos
Which destination is perfect for you - Mykonos

The foodie traveller – San Sebastian, Spain

Courtesy of Claire Robinson at The Luxury Restaurant Guide

These days culinary tourists are really spoilt for choice – and you don’t have to travel far to experience foodie heaven. Just over our shores is the shrine to Spanish food, San Sebastian. Often called the ‘World’s Greatest City for Foodies’, the tiny Basque town boasts more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in the world and represents a gourmet pilgrimage for many a foodie.

Which destination is perfect for you - San Sebastian
Which destination is perfect for you - San Sebastian

The culture connoisseur – Italy

Courtesy of Georgina Ingham at Culinary Travels

It's easy to see why Italy is a popular destination for culture buffs. With a history that spans over a thousand years, you can expect to find great works of ancient architecture and art in this country. But, Italy is perhaps more famous for its cuisine, which is an important part of the local culture; in fact, Italians consider food a form of art.

Whichever region you visit, the beauty of the food is the simplicity and the passion behind it. A glass of wine and a plate of pasta in the right setting can make the heart race, and a small family-run trattoria with views across the Amalfi Coast would certainly be one such place. Simple pleasures can be the most memorable, especially when paired with soaking up some local culture – grabbing a slice of pizza from one of Rome's many pizzerias whilst you wander the cobbled back streets of the Testaccio district seeing the 'everyday Rome.' Combine that with taking in the beautiful architecture, or munching a bread roll, bursting at the seams with hot porchetta (the quintessential Italian hog roast) sat in the central piazza in Assisi following a morning stroll around the rather magnificent Basilica, and Italy almost seems irresistible.

Which destination is perfect for you - Italy
Which destination is perfect for you - Italy

The thrill seeker – Switzerland

For thrill seekers, a holiday is no time to unwind. Ploughing through rivers or dangling from cliffs is your idea of a vacation well spent. You always live outside your comfort zone, trying new things and exploring challenging environments.

Switzerland has become the world's hotspot for adventure activities and whether it's your first time, or you frequently travel to the home of the Alps for a dose of adrenaline, you’ll discover an impressive inventory of adventure activities. Test your courage with paragliding, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and a host of others. Needless to say, there's plenty to discover in Switzerland for the traveller who dares to seek them out.

Which destination is perfect for you - Switzerland
Which destination is perfect for you - Switzerland

The Spender – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Every holiday is a chance to update your wardrobe because you never wear the same clothes twice. But, online shopping is out of the question because nothing beats floating down the high-streets of a shopping district with branded shopping bags dangling from your arms. You like to gather your friends for a weekend of sightseeing, which basically means admiring the window displays of upscale shopping malls and fashion boutiques.

While New York, London, Milan and Paris still cling to their status as shopping capitals, we recommend Monte Carlo as an alternative to exercise your spending prowess. Retail precincts such as the Le Metropole are simply out-of-this world, with lots of special effects to spice up your shopping spree. You can browse apparel fresh from the catwalks at the Golden Circle, or head over to the prestigious Place du Casino for designer jewellery, hand-crafted to standards of perfection. When leaving Monaco with your packages, you can't help but feel you’ve got your money’s worth.

Which destination is perfect for you - Montecarlo
Which destination is perfect for you - Montecarlo

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