A Gulfstream G650ER flies through a clear sky with snow-capped mountains in the background.
A Gulfstream G650ER flies through a clear sky with snow-capped mountains in the background.There are many different types and models of private jets, each offering its own features and with their own price tags. But some are a cut above the rest, especially when it comes to cost. We take a look at five of the most expensive private jets up there.

The Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Which are the most expensive private jets in the world? At the absolute apex of luxury will be fully customised aircraft that offer unbelievable levels of luxury to the world’s richest individuals, with price tags of hundreds of millions of pounds. But what if you were interested in the most expensive private jet straight off the production line?

If you want to know more about one of these aircraft, whether as a potential purchase, a possible option for a private jet charter, or simply plain old-fashioned curiosity, these are the most expensive private jets in the world, and what they cost before you add any extra bells and whistles.

5. Gulfstream G650ER – £57.4 million

The fifth most expensive private jet on our list is the Gulfstream G650ER, which has been the private plane of choice for many of the world’s elite, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. This private jet was released in 2014 and has set numerous speed records ever since, which is unsurprising considering its specifications. 

The G650ER has a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 (second only to the Cessna Citation X Mach 0.935 and the number one on our list’s Mach 0.94), but also offers an incredible range of 7,500 NM (13,890 km). This is an improvement on its predecessor, the G650, which offered a maximum range of 7,000 NM (12,964 km). 

The G650ER offers various configurations for its interior, with the standard option consisting of a forward, full-service galley and crew compartment. This also includes three different living areas which have a mixture of seating options depending on your needs, including handcrafted leather seats in a club or double club setup, expandable tables, single seats that can convert into beds, as well as large windows for natural lighting. Depending on the configuration, it offers space for a maximum of 19 passengers, although we would recommend a maximum of 16 for a charter. 

Of course, there’s also an incredible range of tech on offer, with multiple screens around the interior of the jet, environmental controls that are easily accessible via an app – Gulfstream PLANECONNECT, which includes inflight Wi-Fi – and many other electronic features to ensure a comfortable flight.

4. Gulfstream G800 – £57.62 million

A Gulfstream G800 soaring above the clouds.
A Gulfstream G800 soaring above the clouds.

The Gulfstream G800 was released in October 2021 and, despite being the newest Gulfstream G-series aircraft, is actually cheaper than the slightly older G700. This private plane matches its G650ER and G700 siblings on this list with a top speed of Mach 0.925, while sporting an even greater range than both, with a maximum of 8,000 NM (14,816 km). This will undoubtedly be surprising for those who are expecting the newer model to offer less, especially considering its price.

Where the G800 does make some compromises compared to the G700, is its interior. The G800 has a cabin length of 46 ft 10 in, which matches the older G650ER, with both sporting identical cabin volumes of 2,138 cu ft (60.5 m3). However, this still allows for a maximum of four living areas (if you get rid of the crew compartment) without compromising on comfort. The different configurations offer a crew rest area, a conference area, private suite, and other options that can seat up to a maximum of 19 passengers, depending on which configuration you choose. 

The aircraft integrates many of the latest avionics systems, including Gulfstream’s award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck, dual HUDS, which include Gulfstream’s new Combined Vision System (CVS), and much more.

3. Bombardier Global 7500 – £58.6 million

Coming in third on our list is the Bombardier Global 7500. One of these aircraft is owned by none other than reality TV star, celebrity and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. The Global 7500’s maiden flight took place in 2016 and it immediately impressed. It’s one of the largest business jets in its class and offers an incredible maximum range, even better than that of the G650ER. This aircraft has a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 thanks to its two General Electric Passport engines and a fantastic maximum range of 7,770 NM (14,260 km). 

One of its main claims to fame is its cabin configuration, which offers up to four true-living spaces, beating the compromised spaces that are offered by many other competitors. This includes a dedicated bedroom (complete with a full-size bed), meeting room, theatre room, and dining room. Depending on how the Global 7500 is set up, this can offer seating for up to 19 passengers, although we recommend flying with 16. 

You’ll never get bored during a flight thanks to the 40-inch 4K TV home theatre surround sound setup and Bombardier’s l’Opéra audio system that allows you to create a cinema-like experience during the flight. Environmental controls are conveniently installed in or near all the seating, allowing passengers to fine-tune the cabin to their liking.

2. Gulfstream G700 – £60.16 million

A Gulfstream G700 flies above a bay at sunset.
A Gulfstream G700 flies above a bay at sunset.

The Gulfstream G700 was released in October 2019, two years before its older but less expensive sibling, the G800. According to an article from Texas-based news site Austonia, this aircraft caught the eye of Elon Musk who ordered one to replace his older G650ER and is expected to receive it at some point in 2023. The G700 offers the same max speed (Mach 0.925) and range (7,500 NM or 13,900 km) as the G650ER. 

If not the speed and range, what does the G700 have to offer over the older G650ER? One of the major advantages of the G700 is that it can take off on slightly shorter runways and requires 500 ft less runway to safely land. This means the jet will be able to use airports the G650ER can’t, giving you access to more airports than the G650ER. The cabin altitude of the G700 is also just 4,100 ft, offering a more comfortable experience than most other private jets.

When it comes to space, the G700 has a longer cabin that of the G650ER. This does translate into more space, even if it doesn’t mean that you can carry more passengers since the G700 has the same maximum passenger number of 19, depending on the interior configuration you go with. However, the longer cabin does mean more windows, which translates into more natural lighting during the day and improves the atmosphere on board the plane. There is also space for up to nine people to have a lay-flat bed onboard for long-haul and night flights. 

1. Bombardier Global 8000 – £62.6 million

If you’re looking for the most expensive plane, the Bombardier Global is undoubtedly the most expensive private jet in the world, coming in at a starting price of £62.6 million. On the outside, the Global 8000 may appear similar to its predecessor, the Global 7500, and indeed there are many similarities in regard to the hardware, but this aircraft has been fine-tuned to surpass the 7500 in a number of ways.

Firstly, the Global 8000 offers a greater max speed of Mach 0.94, compared to the Global 7500’s still impressive Mach 0.925. The newer Global 8000 also offers a greater range of 8,000 NM compared to the Global 7500’s 7,700 NM. Additional improvements include the Global 8000’s lower take-off and landing distance, coming in at 5,760 ft and 2,520 ft respectively. 

While the Global 8000 does offer many gains when it comes to performance, the interior experience matches that of the Global 7500, which was no slouch when it came to comfort. Passengers will have up to four living areas, with the option to include a club suite, conference suite, entertainment suite, principal suite, and en suite as part of your interior configuration. The cabin altitude is set at a maximum of 5,680 ft, which again means a very comfortable cabin environment.

Honorary mentions

Now that we’ve discussed the most expensive private jets currently available on the market, it’s worth mentioning that there are five other aircraft which, while not strictly falling under the umbrella of private jets, are used for private air travel. 

Let’s take a quick look at these five lavish private aircraft.

5. Airbus ACJ350 XWB – £251.5 million

In April 2023, Gentleman’s Journal covered a modification of the original Airbus ACJ350, the ACJ350 XWB, in their article, “Take a look inside the most expensive private jet in the world”. The focus of this redesign was purely on the private market and offered a dramatically reduced passenger count of 25 people in favour of an abundance of space. The actual interior itself offers an incredible amount of flexibility, with clients able to select different modules which can be installed in different parts of the plane. These modules include conference rooms, public lounges, private lounges, movie rooms and private suites. 

4. Boeing 787-8 BBJ – £257 million

The Boeing 787-8, also known as the Dreamliner, is an ultra-luxurious jet with 2,400 square ft of cabin space and the first Boeing 787 specifically designed to be a Boeing Business Jet. It offers many of the perks of other Boeing Business Jets, while also being one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in this class. In 2016, one of these carbon-composite airliners was bought by the China HNA Group, which spent a further $100 million turning the plane into their own version of a luxury private jet. 

3. Boeing 747-8 VIP – £291 million

The cockpit of a Boeing 747.
The cockpit of a Boeing 747.

The longest and second largest airliner ever built (and one of Boeing’s best-selling models), the Boeing 747-8 VIP’s initial price tag excludes the luxury fittings that are added after the plane has been purchased. This flying mansion has two lounges, a dining room, a stateroom with its own lounge, a sizable office, a state-of-the-art conference room, and a luxury interior provided by Greenpoint Technologies, a premier Business Jet Completion Center, which uses only the finest materials to create these flying palaces. 

2. Airbus A340-300 (Custom) - £396.7 million

The fabulous Airbus A340-300 owned by billionaire Alisher Usmanov, one of Russia’s wealthiest businessmen, is the second most expensive private plane on our list. While information on the interior isn’t available, the plane has supposedly undergone an extensive retrofit with VIP additions that surpass even President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin II-96. 

1. Airbus A380 (Custom) – £476 million

The most expensive private plane in the world is a customised Airbus A380 and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud’s aircraft of choice. Although the A380 was originally intended as a commercial airliner, resellers are seeing pre-owned A380s being converted into luxurious and expensive private jets. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud did just this when he turned his A380 into nothing short of a flying palace, which includes parking space for his Rolls Royce!

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