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Paris by Private Jet



Private jet charters to France

France is a country you’ll want to lose yourself in. Whether you’re sunning yourself in the glorious south, going on a gastronomic pilgrimage through the entire country, or simply enjoying a short, chic city break, it will be an adventure. Stop off in Paris and gaze up at the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, clink your Champagne glasses in Reims, and sip coffee and watch the yachts in Cannes. Charter a private jet to France and see why it’s the most popular tourist destination in the world.

When it comes to cities, France is blessed with many, each with their own distinct personality. Paris is obviously the most famous, with lovers flocking here from across the globe to explore the most romantic city in the world. The food and fashion is to die for, though neither come cheap! Lyon is the second largest and well-known for its history, whilst Marseille is known for its harbour and Bordeaux for its wine, though it is also home to plenty of historic buildings.

The French take their food seriously and have many regional dishes as well as country-wide specialities. One thing the French do well is cheese, they have almost 400 varieties and it features as a course in most dinners, paired with French wines. Amongst the well-known regional dishes such as coq au vin, ratatouille and boeuf bourguignon, you’ll find the equally well-known but not nearly as common as you might think, frogs’ legs and snails.

When it comes to drinking, the French are the masters of wine and Champagne. You’ll find vast vineyards across the country with the areas of Bordeaux, Alsace, Beaujolais, Burgundy and Languedoc being some of the most prolific. There’s also the region of Champagne located in eastern France, close to Belgium and Luxemburg, which is the only area able to name its sparkling wine, Champagne.

So whether you choose to enjoy a chic city break or spend your time out in the countryside, pedalling through vineyards and visiting quaint villages, you can book a private jet to France with Air Charter Service and discover just what makes it the most popular tourist destination in the world.

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