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Private Jet Charter to Estonia



Private jet charter to Estonia

Tucked away in north-eastern Europe is Estonia, which is fast becoming one of the continent’s most popular weekend-break destinations. If such a thing existed, this Baltic country would appear quite high on a list of Europe’s most surprising countries. Beyond the vibrant capital of Tallinn with its Medieval Old Town and welcoming atmosphere, there are ancient forests, vast wetlands, charming coastal resorts, historic towns dominated by crumbling castles and breathtaking islands rich with culture and traditions. Experience it all today, charter a private jet. Charter a private jet to Estonia.

For Europeans heading off on weekend city breaks, the capital of Estonia is becoming one of the coolest places to go. Everyone raves about its old-world Old Town which contrasts with its modern outlook on life, its green spaces and – most importantly – the friendliness of its people. Tallinn is a compact city that you can spend days exploring on foot, sampling Estonia cuisine in locally owned cafés and restaurants and passing the evenings in the lively bars and nightclubs.

The walled Old Town is the city’s main draw and for good reason. Wandering along its cobbled narrow streets is like stepping back in time – the layout of the city has hardly changed from the 13th Century. You can take in some of the best preserved Medieval architecture in northern Europe from churches to merchants’ homes and warehouses. The market square at the centre of it all is Raekoja plats which is overlooked by the 15th-Century Town Hall – the oldest in the entire Baltic region. Other must-see spots in the Old Town include the remaining city walls and their many towers, the tiny gothic Church of the Holy Ghost and St. Catherine’s Passage, with its pretty archways and fascinating craft workshops.

The majority of Estonia’s visitors stick to the capital so heading out into rural regions will give you those off-the-beaten travel tales you can tell at dinner parties. In Northern Estonia, just an hour’s drive from Tallinn is the country’s largest national park – Lahemaa. This huge swathe of protected land includes untouched forests where bears and wolves roam, hidden-away lakes, vast wetlands and stunning coastal landscapes. The park has a huge network of hiking trails which pass through shaded woodland, are suspended over bogs and skim the Baltic Sea.

Up in these northern reaches of the country, you can also head to towns such as Rakvere, which is home to the ruins of a 13th-Century castle, and Narva, the country’s eastern-most city which is next to the much-disputed international border with Russia. While in Narva, you can visit the Hermann Castle which overlooks the winding Narva River.

If exploring the north of the country outside Tallinn is getting off the main tourist track then heading south is leaving it far behind. It’s well worth heading down this way if only to visit Tartu, the oldest town in the Baltics. Conversely, it’s a very youthful town as it is home to a handful of universities and colleges. Wandering along the cobbled streets in the shadow of neo-classical buildings are students who are leading the way in both creative and scientific subjects. Another spot worth stopping off in on a tour of the southern half of Estonia includes Viljandi, a town tucked away in the forests that is the heart of Estonian folk culture.

In western Estonia it’s all about the coastline. The Baltic Sea laps at unspoilt sandy beaches and visitors flock to the resort towns of Haapsalu and Parnu every summer. Haapsalu is a seaside town that’s full of charm and a wellness haven. You can explore the characterful town with its colourful wooden buildings and slender streets and then retreat to one of the highly rated spas which once drew powerful Russian tsars to the region. Sunny Pärnu is the summer vacation destination of choice for many Estonians and even Scandinavians. Not only does it have a Medieval centre, it also boasts miles of white-sand beaches and shallow sheltered sea water backed by five star spa resorts.

Just off the country’s coast lie a scattering of islands that make up the West Estonian Archipelago, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are four main islands which are accessible by ferry from the mainland, as well as a handful of uninhabited islets. Saaremaa is the largest of the four and features a wide range of interesting sights from meteorite craters to castles and from historic windmills to dramatic cliffs. The second largest island is Hiiumaa, a peaceful land of lighthouses, untouched beaches, farmland and surprisingly, Europe’s longest ice road. Over on the much smaller island of Kihnu, which has been placed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, you can find out about Estonia’s seafaring and fishing past and the inhabitants long-held beliefs and culture.

There are a number of airfields throughout Estonia including the main airport in Tallinn and regional airports in Pärnu and Tartu. Simply contact our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Estonia.



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