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Humanitarian and Relief Aid Charters - Air Charter Service

Humanitarian Aid Case Study

When an earthquake, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, hit the small city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the effects were utterly catastrophic. With over 230,000 people estimated to have died and the city’s infrastructure destroyed, the relief operation we were tasked with presented us with some of the greatest logistical challenges to date.

We began receiving calls from the British government hours after the disaster struck, wanting around 80 firefighters, aid workers and journalists to be transported to Haiti as soon as possible.

Due to the substantial damage and lack of ground equipment at Port-au-Prince Airport, one of the biggest challenges we faced was that larger aircraft couldn’t land in the airport and be offloaded. This meant that three employees had to fly out to the Dominican Republic to manage all ground operations and oversee all flights out, setting up a system for larger aircraft to fly into San Domingo.

They then used smaller aircraft to fly response equipment and any required personnel to Port-au-Prince. Our team worked through the night to coordinate the UK’s response to this vast tragedy. The end result was that we successfully arranged charters for UK, US and Spanish search and rescue teams and evacuation flights for tourist groups on behalf of travel insurance companies - all while delivering over 5,000 tonnes of emergency equipment and aid.


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