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The Ultimate Rockstar World Tour

Pulling off a world tour is no small feat. There are multiple logistics to coordinate-the schedule, the equipment, and all the crew, musicians and VIPs. And, it would not be a rockstar's world tour without the star-studded hotels, legendary concert venues, and off-the-wall parties all along the way.

If it were up to us to organise the ultimate rockstar world tour, our top five cities would be London, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney and LA. We got a few experts in the industry to tell us about the ideal accommodation and venues in each of these cities and, with the convenience of ACS's private jet hire in mind, we have put together the ultimate trip for a world-touring rock band.


Ready to start a band? We do not know if there will be any rockstars utilising our itinerary in the near future, but this does not have to stop you from hiring a private jet charter, visiting all the spots, living like a rockstar for a while, and perhaps finding yourself rubbing shoulders with some of the greats.

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